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Voice Messages

Important Message to the Captains of Industry

Several economic and financial experts are unanimous that no branch of industry could survive a second lockdown. It is now clear that a second corona wave can only be avoided with strict hygiene measures for the entire staff and visitors who must submit to these rules to protect both your personnel as well as your company. Voicegear can support you in this problem by playing advice and proactive messages through your communication infrastructure.

Voice Messages for ...

Communicate with your customers and staff and give them a positive and safe impression.

Hygiene plays an important part of this. For the future and safety of all of us, your business should be the leader.

You only get one chance to make a positive first impression on the phone.

How does your company sound on the phone?

Put yourself “on-hold” and judge for yourself.

Your customer is at the center of your activities.

Under corona regulations, the limited time during which a customer can visit your commercial area, it will be necessary to communicate to him your special offers.